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User Information:

Project Proposal Form

Beamtime Request Form

Emergency procedure policy

Experimental Hall Policy


New Users:

Please fill out a Project Proposal Form and submit to Craig Stevens . Next, a beamtime request form should be completed and submitted to Kyungmin Ham along with any questions or requests for special accomodations.

Before your visit to CAMD, everyone must take and pass the CAMD Radiation Safety Test which may be taken online. At the top of the test form, request access for the Entrance Door and the Experimental Hall. Also request after hours access, with the justification that you will be performing experiments at the beamline after hours.

$10 deposit will be collected when you get your access card, which may be kept as long as you anticipate working at CAMD

If you have any questions regarding the test, please contact Charlie Wilson

All Users:

Before arriving to collect data, each group must send a list of substances that will be brought to the beamline. Also all substances brought to the beamline should return with you when your beamtime is over.

X-ray Tomography Beamline
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